Tinder Plus For Free?! It’s Possible!

Joe’s here. Recently I was working with cracking Tinder app, for getting Plus features for free. It was hard because firstly app checks if there is active Plus subscription, then app send a request to Tinder server for changing location (Passport), sending Extra Like etc.


But I found other way – I just bought Plus subscription and spoofed ID of Plus subscription, so everybody who decides to use cracked Tinder app can use my Tinder Plus subscription.There’s one con – you need to register new account via my .apk (Facebook / Phone number, doesn’t matter). Sorry but you can’t move your pairs from your old account to new, but if you didn’t have any account / not too much pairs, it is still worth it. Of course you will have availability of using your name, photos, description – you’ll just use my subscription ID.


Tinder Plus Passport Feature


I want to give an access for as much people as needed, but connecting thousands of accounts with one subscription is a little risky. I don’t want to get instant ban because I paid for yearly subscription.

I decided to buy new Plus subscription every 500 downloads – but you know, it’s a little expensive so before downloading you need to complete a free offer. If you don’t agree with this – just don’t download, it’s the only way to get a Plus subscription for free. Hope you understand guys.

iOS version is not available. Sorry, I’m Java programmer not Swift.

Tinder Plus Free Download

One thought on “Tinder Plus For Free?! It’s Possible!

  1. sick;o i was lookign for free alternative cuz my sub ends tomorrow. and its reallyw work! but it was necesary to update Android to 4.1 cuz my gingerbread didnt support this 😀 thanks

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