Farming Simulator 18 – Apk With Joe’s Mod!

I like modding games, because sometimes I’m scared of add-on prices.



Farming Simulator 18 caught my attention few days ago. It’s a game about being a farmer. I’m from town so it’s really cool for me. But I wanted to start as a rich farmer and didn’t want to spend a lot of money for in-app purchases. It was neccessary to modify .apk file and become rich as fast as possible.

Default amount of money is 9,999,999$ but you can “buy” more from game shop. Feel free to play multiplayer (via Wi-Fi) with your friends.


Tinder Plus For Free?! It’s Possible!

Joe’s here. Recently I was working with cracking Tinder app, for getting Plus features for free. It was hard because firstly app checks if there is active Plus subscription, then app send a request to Tinder server for changing location (Passport), sending Extra Like etc.


But I found other way – I just bought Plus subscription and spoofed ID of Plus subscription, so everybody who decides to use cracked Tinder app can use my Tinder Plus subscription.There’s one con – you need to register new account via my .apk (Facebook / Phone number, doesn’t matter). Sorry but you can’t move your pairs from your old account to new, but if you didn’t have any account / not too much pairs, it is still worth it. Of course you will have availability of using your name, photos, description – you’ll just use my subscription ID.


Tinder Plus Passport Feature


I want to give an access for as much people as needed, but connecting thousands of accounts with one subscription is a little risky. I don’t want to get instant ban because I paid for yearly subscription.

I decided to buy new Plus subscription every 500 downloads – but you know, it’s a little expensive so before downloading you need to complete a free offer. If you don’t agree with this – just don’t download, it’s the only way to get a Plus subscription for free. Hope you understand guys.

iOS version is not available. Sorry, I’m Java programmer not Swift.

Tinder Plus Free Download